Diseases are not a major problem as compared to insect pests in cashew plantations of India. Hence they have not received much attention and the research work on cashew diseases is limited.

However, some prominent diseases in main field include Anthracnose, gummosis and powdery mildew. Other minor diseases include pink disease, apple rot, black mold, leaf spot and leaf blight, bacterial leaf and fruit spot, brown root rot, shoot rot and leaf fall, cashew leaf and nut blight, bacterial wilt, red rust and sooty mold. These diseases are usually managed through chemical sprays such as fungicides and bactericides. Phytosanitation is also usually practiced to prevent the spread of the diseases.

Cashew seedlings are prone to many nursery diseases. Much emphasis has been given on seedling die back, damping off, foot and root rot and seedling blight. Further weeds act as alternate host for survival and spread of the pathogen and hence weed management is also necessary in cashew nursery.

Spraying of fungicides is recommended for management of fungal diseases in the nursery. Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) has got tremendous effect in suppressing the growth of pathogenic fungi and thus the use of CNSL as a potential antifungal botanical can be explored in eco-friendly disease management practices.

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